Need a hotline? Verizon One Talk can help.
Need a hotline? We're here to help.
Your constituents need information fast. Your employees need to be able to
communicate with them quickly and efficiently. In a crisis like the one we’re
facing with COVID-19, time is of the essence and missteps can magnify fast.
You need a system that can keep up with the high volume of callers and the
speed of the virus. Busy signals, do not ease the anxiety of the unknown.

With One Talk by Verizon, you get a high-quality, mobile-first communications
solution that makes it easy to call, connect and collaborate, while being flexible
enough to replace legacy systems. One Talk brings together the people who
matter most—your team, other agencies and those you serve. Use One Talk
to connect callers to the departments, services, and information they need.

Key features include:

Auto Receptionists and Hunt Groups to manage call routing
Rapid set up—same day, if needed
Easily customizable with included online portal
Control Outbound Caller ID Display—i.e your town's COVID hotline
Scalable—add or remove users as the situation changes your needs
Affordable pricing with no term commitment
Works on multiple devices—tablets, smartphones, desktop, laptop

A One Talk system can be rapidly deployed with a hotline number published to
constituents, so that they can begin receiving critical information and updates
right away.

Learn more about how Verizon One Talk can help set up your hotline, and what
it can do for your agency.

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